All of our prices below include all of our services so there are no additional charges.



1 - 100 Appliances Tested

1.60 per Item (min charge 40 / up to 25 items)


Up to 150 Appliances Tested

1.50 per Item


Up to 200 Appliances Tested

1.40 per Item


Up to 250 Appliances Tested

1.30 per Item


Up to 300 Appliances Tested

1.20 per Item


Up to 500 Appliances Tested

1.10 per Item


Over 501+ Appliances Tested

1.00 per Item


Discounts for all Schools, Colleges, Universities, Registered Charities, N.H.S, Private Hospitals, M.O.D., Local Authorities.



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Affordable PAT Testing

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PAT  Testing




















Excellent Value Quality and Service


All of the following services are included in the test price.


Any necessary replacement of standard plugs.


Any necessary replacement of fuses.


Any necessary cable terminations.


Any necessary minor repairs & retests


All standard Electrical Pass/Fail labels.


Each item/asset is given a unique identification number


A Record of each item inspected & tested, which includes your Company name, location, appliance description, test result, test readings, and the next test due date.


An individual report of any failed items.


A full copy of the report (Log Book paper based)


Electrical Safety Certificate for all appliances tested.


The company is fully insured 1,000,000 public liability



Please remember it is your duty under The Health & Safety Act and The Electricity at Work Regulations to ensure all appliances are safe.




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